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Eco Terrace Composite Decking

Terrace boards are made of WPC (wood and plastic composite). All products are made of a homogeneous combination of natural materials – wood and plastic. This unique combination of nature and technology ensures beauty, durability, natural wood diversity and the durability of plastic, which is why WPC products are characterized by naturalness, high quality, higher resistance to UV light, moisture and stains.

The warm atmosphere, the softness of the reindeer hides and the blazing open fire make the Alpine grill house a pleasant place to spend the evening. The Alpine grill house provides a sheltered place to cook in a wilderness atmosphere, even if the yard building is in your backyard. The sophisticated details of the Alpine grill house and the high-quality Lapland products will crown your experience.

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    7,411.0016,197.00 inc.VAT

    12 m2

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    7,812.0016,635.00 inc.VAT

    15 m2

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    6,500.007,395.00 inc.VAT

    9 m2

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    7,535.0016,863.00 inc.VAT

    17 m2